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Deep Brain Stimulation : A Pacemaker For The Brain

Date : 05/12/18

This is not the stuff of science fiction, but when you come to know about deep brain stimulation (DBS), you may think so. This is a neurosurgical procedure that appears to help people with a range of neurological disorders. DBS is presumed to help transform dysfunctional circuits in the brain so that the brain can function more efficiently. This is accomplished by placing a neurostimulator in the brain which sends out electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain. The impulses can obstruct anomalous signals that can underlie a range of neurological conditions. The DBS therapy is similar t

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Head Injury: Precautions and Treatments

Date : 05/12/18

Injury or physical trauma is a damage caused by an external force. Injuries can happen at any point of time by an accident, hits, weapons and any other reasons. Head Injury The scalp, skull, or brain is affected by any trauma or injury is called head injury and it might happen due to a minor bump on the skull or a serious brain injury. The depth of any head injury is analyzed on how hard the head hit and how it affected in our brain. Basic head injuries include concussions, skull fractures, and scalp wounds. The head injury treatments varies on the basis of what caused and how severe

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Radiotherapy: Enhancing health by Radiation

Date : July 3, 2017

Radiotherapy also known as radiation therapy is a treatment uses radiation (usually X-rays) to kill cancer cells so that they cannot grow or multiply. Radio therapy is localized treatment method where, it only affects the part of the body where the radiation is targeted. How Radiotherapy works? Radiotherapy works by destroying the cancer cells of the area which is being treated. Sometimes in a radiotherapy normal cells around the cancer cells also may get damaged. But the fact is that normal cells can repair themselves after radiotherapy but cancer cells can’t.Why radiotherapy is give

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Get The Right Treatment For Spinal Cord Tumors

Date : May 20, 2017

The reason for spinal tumors is unknown, doctors suspect that defective genes play a role in this. But it is not sure that genetic defects are inherited, occur spontaneously or caused by something in the environment. Spinal cord is a long column of nerve fibers that carries messages to and from the brain. There are three protective membranes known as meninges which wraps around the entire spinal cord. The tough layer is the dura mater, the middle layer is the arachnoid membrane and the innermost layer is the pia mater. Classification of TumorsSpinal cord tumors are classified according to the

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The Best Treatment for Brain Aneurysm

Date : February 9, 2017

A brain or a cerebral aneurysm is a bulging in the weak area of the artery wall that supplies blood to the brain. When a brain aneurysm is ruptured it results in a subarachnoid hemorrhage. The brain damage or death results from the severity of hemorrhage. Mostly brain aneurysm forms in the blood vessels at the base of the brain called the circle of Willis. Causes of brain aneurysm: Hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis) High blood pressure Smoking Family history Previous history of brain aneurysm Artery wall infections Usage of drugs like cocaine Head

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Best Spine Surgery In Noida

Date : August 25, 2016

Does spine injury bothers you? The recurrent pain, continuous visit to hospital empty your bank accounts ? Don’t worry Gurukripa Advanced Neuro Care Institute offers you best spine surgery in Noida, India. The spinal cord is characterized by the cluster of nerves which facilitates transmission of messages and help in the overall movement of the body. It starts from Medulla Oblongata in brain and extends upto vertebral column. Made of small strong bones called vertebrae, it has 31 segments. Any damage will have lasting impact even after treatment. Being a strong part, any damage to spin

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Stroke Treatment in Delhi

Date : 21/03/16

A stroke is a ‘brain attack’. Stroke occurs due to problems with the blood supply; either the blood supply is blocked or blood vessel within the brain fracture. When it happens, The brain does not get enough oxygen and nutrients which cause losing some of the functionalities of the body parts. Two major types of stroke :   Ischemic Strokes – most common stroke caused by the arteries that connect to the brain become blocked or narrowed. This makes the blood flow process slow. These blocks are often caused by blood clots. Hemorrhagic Stroke – caused due to the int

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Treatment for Brain Tumor in Delhi

Date : February 2, 2016

It is possible that a brain tumor causes no signs or symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Signs and symptoms may appear suddenly or develop gradually and worsen over time. Symptoms will appear when the tumor develops in neighboring brain tissue and interfere with the normal in this region which causes swelling to that part of the brain. Signs and symptoms of a brain tumor Headache: more intense in the morning, likely to disappear after we vomit Digestive disorders: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite Changes in Personality, emotions, thought, Mood, Memory, behavior, the ability

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Stroke Treatment In India

Date : November 28, 2015

Stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is stopped or poor, as result brain cells begin to die. Stroke can cause losing the function of parts of the body or functions as speech etc. There are two major types of stroke, ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke happens due to low blood flow and hemorrhagic due to internal bleeding in the brain. The main reason of stroke is high blood pressure, other reasons includes obesity, tobacco smoking, cholesterol and diabetes mellitus. Stroke Symptoms Sudden numbness, tingling, weakness, or loss of movement in your face, arm, or leg, especially

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Back Pain Facts Infographics

Date : April 23, 2015

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