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Aneurysm Clipping

Aneurysm Clipping is a surgical procedure performed to treat brain aneurysm. Brain aneurysm is a condition in which the artery wall inside the brain bulges like a balloon. It is an emergency condition that should be treated promptly to prevent rupture or leakage of artery that may even lead to hemorrhage.

Aneurysm clipping is a procedure in which a tiny clip is placed across the neck of the aneurysm in order to stop or prevent it from rupturing. Clipping prevents the entry of blood into the aneurysm and remains there for the whole life. It is considered to be an effective method for treating ruptured aneurysm and unruptured aneurysm.

Brain aneurysm

The main goal of the procedure is to isolate the aneurysm without blocking off any nearby small perforating arteries.

Ideal candidate for Aneurysm Clipping

Clipping is a microscope assisted procedure and is likely to benefit following:

  • Younger patients that are less than 40 years of age

  • Generally healthy individuals

  • No other life-threatening disorder

  • Patient at risk of rupture and hemorrhage

  • Patient with ruptured aneurysm and unruptured aneurysm


The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and may take 2-5 hours. Depending upon the location of the aneurysm, an incision is typically made behind the hairline or on the back of the head and a small flap of bone is removed to access the lining over the brain (dura). The dura is then opened to expose the brain surface. The surgeon now approaches the aneurysm in the cleft between the skull and the brain and not through brain tissue. After careful separation of aneurysm under a microscope, the aneurysm is completely obliterated with a tiny metal-alloy clip. This prevents the entry of blood into the aneurysm and hence, future bleeding and brain damage is also prevented. The bone plate is then put securely back into place, using thin metal plates and screws, and the wound is closed.


Patient is kept under observation in the Intensive care unit for a few days and patient’s blood pressure is kept high to prevent vasospasm (Shrinking of blood vessels).


Complete recovery may take from days to several months depending upon the severity of the condition. Some patients may experience certain short-term or long-term deficits such as memory lapses etc. and require physical therapies and other post-operative care treatments.    

Advantages of Aneurysm Clipping

  • Better long-term protection from bleeding

  • Longer life expectancy

  • Completely clipped aneurysms have an extremely low risk of regrowth


Authored By Dr. Manish Vaish

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