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Treatment of jaw nerve disorder

Author Name : Seema Bansal

Date : 18 December, 2020

From last 10 years I was facing the threat of jaw nerve disorder. This crucial disease made me felt helpless because Every multy speciality hospital of delhi NCR denied in 10 years for the treatment for this disease. I also lost hope of getting well ever in life. But now after one month of my operation by Dr. Manish vaish i am completely well. Not any sign of early medical issues of jow nerve disorder are left now Thank you so much sir for being so much cooperative and making it possible to get rid of that great crucial disease.

Treatment of jaw nerve disorder

Author Name : Seema Bansal

Date : 18 December, 2020

I would like to thanks Dr. Manish vaish to make it possible for me to get rid of my last 10 year threat of jaw nerve disorder. Every multy speciality hospital of delhi NCR denied in 10 years for the treatment gor this crucial disease. I also lost hope of getting well ever in life. But now after one month of my operation, i am completely well and don't even have any sign of that disease.
Thank you so much sir. I can't express in words really you are the best.

Neurosurgery of Geeta Shrivastava

Author Name : Geeta Shrivastava

Date : 18 December, 2020

My wife Geeta Shrivastava had been passing through severe critical pain for four months. All Neuro consultants of Gwalior city advised to get my wife treated in Delhi . Fortunately I came to know the skills of Dr.Manish Vaish (Sr. Neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospital, Noida) Dr. Manish Vanish performed the required spine cervical surgery skillfully. Now, my wife is returning to her normal life.l and my wife we both are fairly grateful to Dr.Manish Vanish and his fellow surgeons.

Pat Fitzwater

Author Name : Pat Fitzwater

Date : 18 December, 2020

Dr. Vaish has lectured and attended several neurosurgical courses that I have managed. He is very knowledgeable in the field of neurosurgery and is highly respected by his peers. He is an excellent surgeon but more importantly, a beautiful human being. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with him and call him a friend.

Brain Tumour

Author Name : --

Date : 18 December, 2020

डाँ मनीष वैश (फोर्टिज हास्पिटल)के परामर्श एवं कुशल सर्जरी के पश्चात ब्रेन ट्यूमर मैनेन्जियोमा 4×4çm,से निजात पाकर वर्ष2006से पूर्ण स्वस्थ हूँ।उस समय डाँ वैश सर गंगा राम हास्पिटल में सेवारत थे।तब से मैं एक चिकित्सक ही नहीं बल्कि बहुत ही सरल,सहृदय,आत्मिक सम्बन्धो वाले डाँ साहव के अति सन्निकट हूँ। मैं डाँ साहब के सुखमय एवं उज्जवल भविष्य की शुभकामना करता हूँ।

Treatment of odontoid process fracture

Author Name : Shailendra

Date : 18 December, 2020

With this testimonial I would like to thank Dr.Manish Vaish for taking my case so seriously n operating the surgery successfully heartiest gratitude to him for saving my life as I was in a acute n severe pain since 1 year.. Even a surgery in a named hospital i was not in relief..then I consulted Dr. Manish n thanks to him..tht now after 2 months of my operation I m feeling good n healthy .thanks a lot for his constant care n support which he always gives to his patient.

Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Author Name : Netrapal Singh

Date : 18 December, 2020

I am 50 years old and had been suffering problem while walking for the last 1.5 years . I began to loose. Sensation in my legs , after testing I was diagnosed with L4- L5 pivd with lumbar canal stenosis and had to go under an operation by Dr. Manish vaish in fortis hospital,noida . After operation I was relived immediately . I thank Dr. Manish vaish for his excellent operation ,support and follow up.

Thanks to Dr Manish Vaish, For the Back Pain Treatment

Author Name : Anjana Singh

Date : 18 December, 2020

I had been suffering from severe pain in lower portion of my back and in legs, since last seven years, due to slipped disc in L-4 – L-5, as noticed from MRI report. During last seven years I was advised for complete bed rest for 2 to 3 months, five times with medication coupled with Pain Relieving Tablets and Injections. This year on Feb. 12, 2014, suddenly, I felt acute pain in back and left leg which forced me to take complete rest, in spite of intake of Pain Relieving Tablets and injections, which subsequently proved to be ineffective and I was moved to Fortis Hospital by Ambulance May 24,2014.
Dr Manish Vaish, Neuro Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Noida examined my case in view of my condition which my MRI exhibited and he observed that slipped Disc L4 - L5 and L-5 to S-1 were severely affected and advised for surgery. On 26-05-214, I underwent surgery by Dr Manish Vaish, which took about 4 to 5 hours.
Next day , I was relieved from ICU and started movements with much relief from severe pain. I underwent Physiotherapy, under the guidance of Physiotherapists of Fortis Hospital, Noida for 30 days and finally I was relieved from Hospital on 3rd. of June, 2014. Thereafter, my physical continued to improve swiftly towards normalcy each coming day and now I am able to maintain my daily routine of life like a normal person.
I express my pleasure with hearty thanks to Dr Manish Vaish and other staff including staff of Physiotherapy department of Fortis Hospital, Noida, for their care, devotion & sincerity towards myself during my stay at the Fortis Hospital, Noida.

Spinal Cord Tumor and Nerves Decompression

Author Name : Raveena Sonker

Date : 18 December, 2020

Thanks to Dr. Manish Vaish as he has given a new life to my mother Mrs. Sudesh Sonker.
My mother's condition was extremely bad as she was not able to walk , move and even stand straight . She lost sensation in her legs .
In 2013, this problem started and she felt a huge amount of numbness in her legs .We consulted many doctors and no one was able to find the root of the problem . Thereby , the problem kept on increasing and in 2014, she lost total power of her lower body. One day , we reached to one Surgical Center and there the doctors recognized the problem in the nerves of spine and recommended phisiotherapy but the condition didn't improve a bit . Then the stage of surgery occurred which was not possible there and they showed us the path of Dr. Manish Vaish,Fortis Hospital .
On Dec 7, Dr. Manish examined my mother and found a tumor in Spine . On next day , He operated my mother and the operation got successful. Now my mother is absolutely well as God in the form of Dr. Manish Vaish did miracle in our lives .

Treatment of cervical spondylosis

Author Name : Vijay Shankar Rai

Date : 18 December, 2020

I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Manish Vaish, who had done my operation and treatment.
with the help of this block I like to tell other people do not take cervical spondylosis in easy going way it make you bedridden. around eight month back I start filling Tingling in my both hand as well as palms , left foot and radiate pain in right side of shoulder and neck .This happens mainly while driving .initially I had taken some medicine for pain relief but it does\'t work , finally I reported to one neuro specialist ,and they start their treatment with some medicine. approx 3 month they did their treatment, but it does\'t work my problem get increase day by day , My all four limbs kept on deteriorating vigorously , I lost my walking ability and hands stopped working,i was not able to take food and put on cloth by own.
finally I decided to take treatment in Delhi , and approach Dr, Manish Vaish in Fortis Noida, this decision brings \"U\" turn in my life after doing all examination he decided to operate me. on 18th Oct 2014 I was operated by him.
After operation immediately I get relief form radiatic pain at right side of neck and slowly right hand power also improve by 50% and left by 20% my all limbs started working gradually. now today after three weeks I am able to walk without support hand power is also improving day by day, I am doing my regular exercise suggested by Dr which is helpful in improving my situation.
After having had a cruel experience of such decease I may advice to the victim to consult the Dr Manish in beginning stage itself to avoid to be bedridden.

Post traumatic atlanto axial dislocation

Author Name : Madhur Kansal

Date : 18 December, 2020

Dear Manish Sir,
Through this testimonial, i would like to express my heartiest thanks and gratitude to you for granting second life to my mother. To all the readers, my mother met with a severe head and neck accident and she was diagnosed with post traumatic atlanto axial dislocation. In layman's language she got a fractured neck which started to paralyze her. She had to be treated immediately as any further delay could have proved fatal to her life. We contacted Dr Manish Vaish and he promptly diagnosed the problem and assured us of best treatment. Under his able hands, the surgery (neurosurgery) succeeded which last for 12 hours. My mother got her life back post this surgery and its been almost 20 months now.
Thank you Manish Sir. I am sure words are not enough to express the gratitude.

Sense problem in palm and shoulder

Author Name : Suprita

Date : 18 December, 2020

My father 60 year old , didn’t felt sense s in his palm and finger and can’t walk properly .After initial checkup it was diagnosed he is required to go spine surgery for decompression of spinal bone, as nerves are being compressed due to increased bone around neck area. His spinal cord has been fused up to neck area.
We went to many doctors at different renowned hospitals for consultation , but were satisfied by Dr Manish Vaish analysis and recommendation .So we went ahead for my father’s surgical operation at Fortis , Sec 62,Noida by him.
We also thank Dr Manish Vaish for his proper prescriptions and follow ups regarding my father’s help, which helped him to gain strength in his hand. Now after one year he is able to do his work and is much better position. His hand senses has 90% improved .
Dr Manish is a great human being and Surgeon , I wish him all the best in all his endeavors. Thanks.

Pituitary Macroadenoma

Author Name : Nieraj Bhatnagar

Date : 18 December, 2020

I would like to impart my heartiest thanks to Dr Manish Vaish. He came to our life as an Angel.
My mother Shobha Bhatnagar had a brain tumour in the pituitary area. Due to that she lost her sight for the left eye; and vision of right eye also diminished considerably. To escape from brain surgery, we tried so many therapies; but in vain. We consulted many doctors too.
Finally, we met Dr Manish Vaish in Fortis Hospital, Noida who took out the fear of surgery from our minds and due to all his support and encouragement my mother underwent a long surgery in July 2013 successfully.
During her stay in hospital Dr Vaish and his team exhibited total commitment and care.
She has now regained her eye sight and is completely normal now. For her Dr. Manish is the manifestation of GOD himself, who gave her a chance to survive and see her family once again.
Besides being a perfect professional, Dr Manish is a great human being. I wish him all the best in all his endeavours.
May God Bless him!!!

Brain Tumour

Author Name : SAJAN KUMAR

Date : 18 December, 2020

Dear Dr. Manish Vaish,
I'm writing to express my thanks and appreciation to you, your team of doctors, nurses, administration staff, for the wonderful treatment and care that my mother Punita Devi received during her brain tumour surgery. You and your team demonstrated total commitment into caring for her during the days immediately following the operation, and gave her the support and encouragement she needed. Best Regards!

Anu Aggarwal

Author Name : Anu Aggarwal

Date : 18 December, 2020

Dear Dr. Manish,
Thank you very much for the exceptional care you provided during my time of emergency. Giving me a second chance at life is the greatest gift I have ever received. I am blessed that I will be able to have the opportunity to continue to live a great life with my family.
I can truly say I am survived because of you.At a loss of words, Thank you so much for being with us.
All the best.

Spine Fracture


Date : 18 December, 2020

I, Pooja Mahlotra , met with a road accident on 8th dec.2013. I got my spine fractured at D1,L1,L2 level and also lost my power and sensation of both legs. I went to Fortis Hospital, Sec-62, Noida for the treatment of my fractured spine and loss of power and sensation of both legs. In Fortis Hospital my spinal surgery is done on 10th December 2013 by Dr Manish Vaish ( Neurosurgeon ). After surgery, almost 8 days, I stayed in the hospital . During my hospital time Dr Manish Vaish and all the staff cared me very well . I discharged from the hospital on 18th December 2013. Dr Manish Vaish prescribed me the medicines and physiotherapy rehabilitation. Now almost 4 months have passed of my surgery, I am able to stand and walk independently and also I do all my personal daily activities.
Many many thanks to God and my DR MANISH VAISH
Contact No. : 9811008846, 9899752139

Tumor in Pituitary Gland

Author Name : Komal Agrawal

Date : 18 December, 2020

This note is long overdue, but I want to thank Dr. Manish Vaish for doing a wonderful job on my surgical removal of Tumor in Pituitary Gland. After the removal of tumor my body has all sorts of improvements. My eye power has improved. Swelling of my feet and hands are totally gone. Dullness of my skin has vanished. It’s been 9 months since my surgery and I am perfectly fine with much better condition than ever. Thanks to Dr Manish Vaish for his cooperation and the confidence that helped us in getting out of this tough situation.

Head Injury

Author Name : Ms. NIMISHA

Date : 18 December, 2020

Father Name - ARVIND KUMAR
Address - Sector - 49, NOIDA, BAROULA
Patient Problem - Head Injury
Experience behalf of Fortis Hospital - 5 star Maintain & better support Dr. side very well support & confidence so that special thanks, & all Team so that My side Lot of Thanks. My experience is very well Fortis Hospital, Sector-62, NOIDA (U.P.)


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