Spine Infections Treatment

Non-surgical treatment options

The type and duration of treatments may depend upon the severity and the cause of infection. Mild to moderate conditions may require non-surgical treatments. It includes medical and interventional management of spinal infections. For which, the doctor may use antibiotic and anti-fungal medications. Oral or intravenous medications might be enough. The treatment may take 7-10 days of time to complete. Certain rare cases may take 6-12 weeks of time.

Surgical treatment

Mostly, surgery is necessary for postoperative infections. So that bacteria and infected tissues can be washed away. In certain cases, infection may result in instability of the spine. Such situations may need surgery to remove the weakness of the spine that causes instability. Surgery is also suggested to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord caused due to the infection. There are simple and extensive surgeries which are chosen according to the severity of the condition.
After surgery, you might have to take proper follow up care. Antibiotics and medications might be required for further care. But, you can return to normal life within a few weeks.

Spinal Infections