Types of Shunts

Shunts are named according to where they are inserted in the brain and where they are inserted to let the excess CSF drain out.shunts  shunts

  • A ventriculo-peritoneal (VP) shunt drains into the abdomen or peritoneum (belly). Most shunts, including Sean’s, are VP shunts.
  • A ventriculo-pleural shunt drains into the space surrounding the lung.
  • A ventriculo-atrial (VA) shunt drains into the atria of the heart.

Shunt valves

  • Non Programmable

1. Hakim’s Valve
2. Pudenz’s Valve
3. Mitter’s Valve
4. Chabbra’s Valve
5. Upadhyay’s valve

  • Programmable

1. Hakim’s Valve
2. Strata Valve
3. Delta Valve

Mechanism of Programmable Valve

Use of Antibiotic Impregnated Shunt

  • Rifampicin and Clindamycin impregnated shunt
  • Shunt with matrix wall