Radiotherapy: Enhancing health by Radiation

Radiotherapy also known as radiation therapy is a treatment uses radiation (usually X-rays) to kill cancer cells so that they cannot grow or multiply. Radio therapy is localized treatment method where, it only affects the part of the body where the radiation is targeted.   How Radiotherapy works? Radiotherapy works by destroying the cancer cells […]

Get The Right Treatment For Spinal Cord Tumors

  The reason for spinal tumors is unknown, doctors suspect that defective genes play a role in this. But it is not sure that genetic defects are inherited, occur spontaneously or caused by something in the environment.     Spinal cord is a long column of nerve fibers that carries messages to and from the brain. […]

The Best Treatment for Brain Aneurysm

A brain or a cerebral aneurysm is a bulging in the weak area of the artery wall that supplies blood to the brain. When a brain aneurysm is ruptured it results in a subarachnoid hemorrhage. The brain damage or death results from the severity of hemorrhage. Mostly brain aneurysm forms in the blood vessels at […]

Best Spine Surgery In Noida

Does spine injury bothers you? The recurrent pain, continuous visit to hospital empty your bank accounts ? Don’t worry Gurukripa Advanced Neuro Care Institute offers you best spine surgery in Noida, India. The spinal cord is characterized by the cluster of nerves which facilitates transmission of messages and help in the overall movement of the […]

Treatment for Brain Tumor in Delhi

It is possible that a brain tumor causes no signs or symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Signs and symptoms may appear suddenly or develop gradually and worsen over time. Symptoms will appear when the tumor develops in neighboring brain tissue and interfere with the normal in this region which causes swelling to […]